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Find Corresponding Library Item

Download Find Corresponding Library Item.jsfl This JSFL script will allow you to click on a movie clip on the stage, run the script, and you’ll get the library item that clip is associated to. It’s great for working on projects that you may not have made or if you don’t remember which folder the clip […]

AS2: AxisScroller v2.0

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files This is the latest update to the AxisScroller. This update adds a new optionalParameter, continuousScroll, which allows you to scroll (if the arrows are active) continuously by just pressing down one of the arrows. There is also a new method, reset(), that resets the scroller and […]

fl.* Package .swc

Last night I was working on something in Eclipse/FDT 3 where I needed to use the fl.transitions package. I proceeded to import it and got an error saying that the fl.* package could not be found. After some investigation I realized that I needed an .swc file for the fl.* package but I don't have […]

AS2 → AS3: Using onReleaseOutside

Download Example Files One of the things that is weird to figure out about AS3 is why a MOUSE_UP_OUTSIDE event (or something similar) was not included. This leaves for work-arounds that mimic that behavior and this is one way I've seen it done (probably not the only way, but one of the ways to skin […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu

View Example Download Example Files Normally when I build menus for my projects I usually end up having to keep track of which button is selected and disable it while clicking on another button will disable that one and re-enable the one previously selected. I could build that very quickly in AS2 but have yet […]

AS2 → AS3: Running Actions On Intervals

Download Example Files The new Timer class in AS3 gives you the ability to create and run actions at set intervals, much like the setInterval in AS2. The difference, however, is that now you can define how many times the timer runs right within the constructor. Let's take a look at the old, haggish way […]

AS2 → AS3: Button Event Handling

Download Example Files In AS3, no longer are you able to do a simple onPress or onRelease handler to make a button (or a movie clip that acts as a button). As with pretty much everything else, all that is now event based. It may be a bit confusing at first but it's actually quite […]

Automatically Declare Stage Instances

I was doing some work today in Eclipse/FDT 3 and I kept running into something that I wasn't expecting. In FDT 1.5 I would normally create a movie clip symbol in the Flash IDE and maybe have more clips inside of it, like say a bg_mc and a title_txt. Then, in FDT, I would define […]

AS2 → AS3: Adding Linked Symbols To The Stage

Download Example Files This is just a quick little tip on how to add symbols you've marked for linking in the library to the stage. There is a new way to handle adding things to the display list and this is the old way: PLAIN TEXT Actionscript: var holder_mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("holder_mc", this.getNextHighestDepth()); var box_mc:MovieClip = […]

AS2 → AS3: Loading External Assets

Download Example Files The MovieClipLoader is no longer available in AS3 and has been replaced by the new, hip kid on the block, the Loader class. Just like pretty much everything else in AS3, Loader has a bunch of events it fires off which you can listen to and react accordingly. Below is the AS2 […]