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Last night I was working on something in Eclipse/FDT 3 where I needed to use the fl.transitions package. I proceeded to import it and got an error saying that the fl.* package could not be found. After some investigation I realized that I needed an .swc file for the fl.* package but I don’t have Flex Builder so I couldn’t create one. This is where my good friend Samuel Agesilas stepped in and created one for me. The thing is, if you go ahead and add the folder that is in Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0/Classes (which is where the fl.* package sits on a Mac) to your Linked Libraries in FDT, you’re going to get a duplicate of the playerglobal.swc that is already in your Linked SWCs in Eclipse. That is really messy to me as I like to keep my workspace as tidy as possible so Sam making that .swc for me really helped me out. I’ve posted the .swc on the downloads page or you can get it directly from here.

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Thank you for sharing this. It helps a lot!

this is great! ty.
but the problems still apears when i use something like that: fl.video.FLVPlayback…

Hey dimitriy,
Sorry it took so long to respond but I’ve went ahead and update the file, thanks for catching that. I actually grabbed an SWF offline from Aron Philipp’s blog here:


[…] comment in the post about the fl.* package .swc written by Dimitriy outlined that the package was missing the fl.video package in it. I did a quick […]

10x Matt!
that’s help a lot!

no problem Dimitriy.

Thanks, man!! I’m using this now


How do you add this to your fdt project?


Just add it as a linked library in your FDT project.

Cool thanks.

When I do this, it looks like this:

Is this correct? I’m new to pdt 🙂

Also, do you need to setup any class paths within the flash IDE also? I just dont understand how flash IDE knows about the linked libraries set in eclipse fdt, since I am publishing from flash.

Thanks for your help. I read all your tutorials on fdt and decided to start using it 🙂


Cool thanks.

I did it and this is how it looks now:

Is this correct? I’m new to FDT.

Also, since I’m publishing from flash, will flash know what libraries I’ve added since its been added through eclipse FDT using linked library. I don’t understand how this works. I’ve googled but can’t find anything.

I read all your tutorials on FDT and decided to start using it 🙂

hamad, you don’t need this SWC when you compile your projects with the Flash IDE!
The Flash IDE already has all these “fl.*” classes built in, so to say.. ;-)=

This SWC is only needed, when you comile your projects directly from Eclipse / FDT or something similar using the Flex-SDK and it’s mxmlc / fcsh compiler..

hope that helps!

absolutely, but its also necessary if you’re just using an external dev tool and want to get the code hints (not a bunch of errors).

thanks. I was having a hard time trying to link the swc to a fdt project. But now I know how to do it. I’m loving FDT btw 🙂

Thanks a bunch Matt. This is really handy.

thank you so much!!!

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used in FDT。

good,thinks 。

thanks i am using now…

is it ok to put this .swc file in the source package of our commercial products?

where can I get sure about that?

Thanks, Hadi

fl.video.FLVPlayback 有BUG

Thank u very much ……….for providing fl.swc. No i can use all classes of fl package in Flash Develop……….

Thanks, this thing works awesomely in Flash Develop. All I had to do was download it and add fl.swc to the lib folder of the project I was working on. Then I just right clicked it in the Flash Develop Project window and clicked “Add To Library”. After that, my project compiled just fine. Excellent!

Thanks, needed that for my FD project 🙂

But it doesn’t have the fl.text.* classes, would be awesome if you could update your download file!

thanks for your great share.
can you suggest me where can I put this .swc file so that every project can get link this .swc file, I can add this swc per project wise, but I dont want to repeat the same process..

Software – FlashDevelop

thanks for your share.
i am looking for it.

Hi, thx for your share.
Using it to get DataGrid components but with a really simple code get this error :

[Fault] exception, information=TypeError: Error #1009: Il est impossible d’accéder à la propriété ou à la mÚthode d’une référence d’objet nul.
Fault, drawBackground() sur BaseScrollPane.as:983

Any idea ?

var myDataGrid:DataGrid = new DataGrid();

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