Find Corresponding Library Item

Download Find Corresponding Library Item.jsfl

This JSFL script will allow you to click on a movie clip on the stage, run the script, and you’ll get the library item that clip is associated to. It’s great for working on projects that you may not have made or if you don’t remember which folder the clip is buried into.

For anyone that doesn’t know how to install a JSFL script, or create one for that matter, simply go to File > New > Flash JavaScript File. Then, write your code and save it somewhere on your hard drive with a name you will recognize later (I named mine Find Corresponding Library Item.jsfl). Put this file in one of these folders (depending on your platform):

boot drive\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash 8\language\Configuration\

Mac OS X:
Macintosh HD/Users/userName/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Flash 8/language/Configuration/

Restart Flash and the command should now be available in the Commands menu up top. I found all this out a very easy way: it (along with a lot more about JSFL) is in the Flash help files. Just do a search for JSFL and there you go!

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I have something similar, but this is far simpler. Being too lazy to test this – it also traverses folder structure to find the corresponding item?

yes, but one thing to note that i didn’t mention in the post. you have to expand all folders in your library by clicking the library properties and going to Expand All Folders.

if you don’t do this, it’ll still find the item and select it in the library, but because its buried in a folder that isn’t expanded, you won’t see it.

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