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Busy Time

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past two weeks. I’m in the process of purchasing a home and it has sucked all my free time up from meeting with all kinds of people to doing research to make sure I’m not getting talked into something I don’t understand to having to drive […]

AIR: Making Draggable Windows

Download Example Files I've recently been working on my first AIR project and one of the things it had to include was dragging around your desktop with a transparent chrome (meaning there is no minimize/close/etc buttons). It is really simple to do in AIR (one line of code to do the actual dragging) so here […]

Setting Up AIR For Flash CS3

To get up and running with AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) you don't really have to do very much. Adobe has provided an installer to update Flash CS3 to be able to make AIR applications directly in the Flash IDE. All you've got to do is go download it here. Make sure that before you install […]

Foundation Flash 8 Video Review

Original Publish Date: 10/20/2006 Author(s): Jordan Chilcott, Tom Green Paperback: 360 pages Publisher: friends of ED (June 19, 2006) ISBN: 159059651X Overall Score: 3/5 As someone who has been working with video in Flash quite heavily recently at work, I was eagerly anticipating this book to be released. At first I wasn't disappointed as the […]

AS3: DistortionTweener

View Example 1 View Example 2 View Example 3 View Documentation Download Class & Example Files The DistortionTweener allows you to distort four points of an object. It is an easy to way make distortions such as trapezoids on a movie clip. The DistortionTweener uses Ruben Swieringa's DistortImage class and is based on a sample […]

AS2: SharedObjectManager

View Documentation Download Class A simple utility to manage shared objects and their properties. PLAIN TEXT Actionscript: import; import mx.utils.Delegate;   /** * A simple utility to manage shared objects and their properties. * * @usage * <code> * <pre> import com.reintroducing.utils.SharedObjectManager; var som:SharedObjectManager = new SharedObjectManager("userData"); som.setProperty("hasVisited", "yes"); trace(som.getProperty("hasVisited")); * </pre> * </code> […]

AS3: Singleton

Download Class As many of you probably already know, you can't have private constructors in AS3. This brings up the issue of creating Singletons. My implementation of the AS3 Singleton (after having looked at many others) came straight out of the book Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 by friends of ED. I believe (as stated in the […]

AS3: Grid

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files UPDATE 9/26/08: I have updated the code to reflect the changes outlined in the comments below by Skye Giordano. Thanks Skye! The Grid class is a layout utility that returns an array for laying out objects in a grid. PLAIN TEXT Actionscript: package com.reintroducing.layout {   […]

AdvancED Flash Interface Design Review

Original Publish Date: 7/6/2006 Author(s): Michael Kemper, Guido Rosso, Brian Monnone Paperback: 360 pages Publisher: friends of ED (May 8, 2006) ISBN: 1590595556 Overall Score: 4/5 When i first got this book, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know if it was going to be a design book or an animation book […]

Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8 Review

Original Publish Date: 5/14/2006 Author(s): Todd Yard, Peter Elst Paperback: 560 pages Publisher: friends of ED (February 20, 2006) ISBN: 1590596196 Overall Score: 5/5 I finally decided to take the plunge into OOP after I realized that is where Flash is headed. With the advent of ActionScript 3.0 around the corner (or out now if […]