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AS3: SequentialLoader

View Example 1 View Example 2 View Documentation Download Class & Example Files UPDATE 10/14/08: Added a new parameter that checks policy files for downloading assets from a different server. The SequentialLoader loads a series of SWFs and/or images in an ordered sequence. This is a conversion of the AS2 SequentialLoader class originally written by […]

AS2 → AS3: LoadVars AS3 Equivalent

Download Example Files ActionScript 3 has done away with the LoadVars class and when I was updating my ContactForm for AS3 I was trying to figure out how to mimic the sendAndLoad() method that LoadVars provided. I stumbled upon an article by Peter Elst which explained how to do this so I’m going to outline […]

AS3: ContactForm

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files Creates a communication gateway between a contact form and a PHP script that checks for validity and sends the email. The e-mail checking is rudimentary at best, but it gets the job done. If someone will go through the trouble to try and break this e-mail […]

AS3: SharedObjectManager

View Documentation Download Class A simple utility to manage shared objects and their properties. This is the same as the AS2 version but adjusted for use in AS3.

AS3: InteractivePNG

View InteractivePNG Post The maker of Fuse, Moses Gunesch, has created a VERY handy little utility class called InteractivePNG that allows you to disable the hit area of a PNG if the pixels are transparent. Simply put, when you save out a PNG that has transparency, rolling over the transparent part of the PNG will […]

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In Flash

Download Example Files After reading an article on SEO and Flex by Ted Patrick and another by Josh Tynjala, I recalled my foray into doing this on a recent Flash project at work. I figured that I should share this with everyone because I know a huge knock on Flash is that it isn’t SEO […]

AS2 → AS3: Loading & Playing External Sounds

Download Example Files Loading and playing external sounds in AS3 is not far off from its AS2 counterpart. The code, as usual in AS3, is a little different because of the new event model, but really boils down to the same thing.

Utilizing The Read More In WordPress

Just a quick update that I’m going to start utilizing the “more” tag in WordPress posts to help speed up the loading time of the main page and in hopes of saving you from scrolling 100 ft. down the page if you’re just trying to find a post quickly. I’ve downloaded and activated the Full […]

Using Google Analytics In Your Flash Projects

Download Example Files Many times people think that you lose tracking ability in your projects if you use Flash. Of course you can set up multiple SWFs and host them on separate HTML pages on your site, but why bother? You can use Google Analytics to track your button clicks and report to you what […]