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WordPress 2.5 Update

I just updated this blog to run on the brand new WordPress 2.5. I don’t see anything wrong with the upgrade and for the most part all of the plugins I was using on the site work (with the exception of Live Search which apparently isn’t going to be updated by the author) so if […]

AS3: StageManager

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files The StageManager aligns items according to their selected alignment mode. You have the ability to resize your items with “easing” or “instant” modes as well. It also dispatches an event, ON_RESIZE, that allows for further manipulation of items to the stage sizing.

Tip: Converting Strings To Booleans

If you’ve downloaded my Image Slider, you may have looked at the file and noticed that I was using a utility class to convert the loaded string values for things that are actually booleans from the XML. I was originally loading them and I couldn’t figure out why when I traced out what was […]

AS2 → AS3: Retrieving FlashVars

Download Example Files I was recently working on the Image Slider that I posted here a couple of days ago and I realized I didn’t know how to access FlashVars in AS3. I quickly did a Google search and came up with the solution rather easily.

AS3: Image Slider

View Example 1 View Example 2 Download Source UPDATE 9:52 PM CST: I just fixed a small issue so if you downloaded the source please re-download it. Thanks. The image slider is a small project I made for a friend of mine. It works in a similar fashion to the iTunes cover flow except that […]

Move Almost Complete

So after a month and a half of renovating, I’m not setting up furniture, internet, TVs, home theater systems, and all that jazz. It’s been quiet around here the past week or two because I’ve been running around like a madman trying to finalize everything with the renovation and making sure I have everything I […]

Ratings Issues

I installed an updated version of the post ratings plugin and it caused some issues with the rating system. It is not fixed so please continue rating as usual. I always appreciate the feedback to let me know if the posts are on track or not!

AS2 → AS3: Setting Masks Dynamically

Download Example Files The more migrating I do to AS3 the more little nuances (at least nuances when I am migrating) I find. A lot of small little methods have been switched or moved into new classes and it’s always a bit of a drag to find them. Such is the case with the setMask() […]