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FiTC 2008 Recap

Well, today I am back at the house from FiTC (actually got home last night) and I just wanted to talk about some of the stuff I saw when I was there. As usual, the conference was awesome and inspirational so I just wanted to quickly go through a couple of the cool presentations.

Off To FiTC

Well, it’s time to start heading off to Flash in the Can. I’ll be back on Thursday morning so you won’t see any activity here for a few days as I’m not even bringing my computer (getting away from computers to see more… computers). Have fun everyone!


So as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve added Google AdSense to the blog. I figured that not everyone can make a monetary donation so this was a good alternative. It should only display 3 ads per page so it won’t get too cluttered and I opted for the smaller 468×60 ads. If you’d like […]

SharedObjectManager v1.1 Updates

Reader Stéphane e-mailed me last week with a problem he was having using the SharedObject in Flash. Basically, Stéphane wanted to save some data in one SWF file to a SharedObject and then retrieve that data in another SWF file. I had done this before many times but quickly realized that I had only done […]

FiTC Toronto 2008

If you’re headed to Flash in the Can next weekend then there is a chance we will run into each other. I will be there checking out the Flash presentations and I look forward to just hanging out. If you want to get together for a drink or two let me know. See you all […]

Donors Page Added

I went ahead and added a Donors page for the donations that were made to the site recently. I’d like to thank my first two donors, Rick Talavera and Jack Doyle, for helping the cause. It is greatly appreciated. You will notice that once you donate you get a nice little link to your site […]

Getting Started With Scripted Tweening

Download Example Files As someone who is a beginner starting out with developing in Flash, it’s not always easy to figure out how to tween things through code and what products to use. There are more than enough tweening engines out there to make your head spin and some are more well known than others. […]