So as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve added Google AdSense to the blog. I figured that not everyone can make a monetary donation so this was a good alternative. It should only display 3 ads per page so it won’t get too cluttered and I opted for the smaller 468×60 ads. If you’d like to “help the cause”, and every bit helps, please just click an ad here and there and it’ll filter its way through to me. I’ve also added a link under each title of each post called “Show Some Love” which is a direct link to the PayPal donation page. Again, none of this is required but I really do appreciate it and it’s a good way to give back for all the hard work that goes into maintaining this blog.

If you found this post useful, please consider leaving a comment, subscribing to the feed, or making a small donation.

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Hi Matt,

It’s a good choice. However i would also use For me it’s really working. it’s other alternative but takes longer to achieve bigger amounts. -the good thing of this is that you can use small ads in your site, and therefor few time to load it.

Hope it helps you.


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