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An Update

I realize it has been just over two weeks since I’ve posted anything here so I figured I’d let everyone know why. Directly after finishing up the project that I referred to in a couple of my other posts I jumped into another one using Papervision3D. It hasn’t been easy for me since I am […]

Tip: Clearing A BitmapData’s Contents

I’ve been using BitmapData lately more and more (I know, I’m very late to the party) and something that I was curious in was how to clear it before I can draw to it again so that the previous frame’s contents are not in it. Particularly, I was wondering how I can very simply and […]

AS2: AgeChecker

View Documentation Download Class I had a need to do some age checking on the project that I’m currently working on. I figured there had to be something out there for this already and I googled away for an age checker in Flash. I found a very handy little function written by Calvin Ly and […]