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Inspiration: Mentos Kiss Fight

One of my favorite Interactive “places” is North Kingdom. They’ve had great sites/games, most recently the Get the Glass game. They’ve come up with another game to promote Mentos called Kiss Fight that has great little video cut scenes, awesome 3D characters/scenes, and pretty hilarious game play. They never cease to amaze me with their […]

SliderUI v1.51 Update

Just after reading a comment from a user of the SliderUI and thinking that it was his error as I had mentioned that I have tested the SliderUI extensively, I ran into a small bug today that didn’t correctly read the range if the start value was over 0 thus causing the SliderUI to add […]

AS2/AS3: CustomEase

View Blog Post Jack Doyle, the maker of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax (and as I’m sure you already know if you read this blog, a good friend of mine) has done it once again. He’s created a class called CustomEase which allows you to create custom easing equations for usage in your tweening engines (although you should really […]

AS3: SliderUI v1.5

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files I’ve updated the SliderUI class to add some more features. There is now a custom SliderUIEvent being dispatched, a setter method for the currentValue and percent properties which automatically moves the sliders to their appropriate spots when these are set, and a precision parameter passed into […]

Inspiration: FontPark 2.0

Many people know the “legend” of Yugo Nakamura and his older work. While he doesn’t really come out with new work very often, when he does it is very impressive. His latest offering, FontPark 2.0, is no different. It has a very impressive physics engine and allows you to create drawings (or see others’ drawings) […]

Inspiration: Checkland Kindleysides

After thinking it over a bit, I’m going to start a new Inspiration category on the blog as I have had in the past on my old blog. The first entry is Checkland Kindleysides, a very nice site with very impressive transitions. I absolutely love the little cutouts on each section, especially the contact and […]

AS3: AgeChecker

View Documentation Download Class This is a straight port of my AS2 AgeChecker (actually Calvin Ly’s code, my class) for anyone interested.