SliderUI v1.51 Update

Just after reading a comment from a user of the SliderUI and thinking that it was his error as I had mentioned that I have tested the SliderUI extensively, I ran into a small bug today that didn’t correctly read the range if the start value was over 0 thus causing the SliderUI to add on extra “pounds” on the end value. I’ve fixed the error and updated the download that is available from the v1.5 update post. I apologize for any inconvenience this caused anyone.

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100 очков!

Hey, the link to the download file is pointing to the zip of v1.0. Shouldn’t it point to v1.5?

thanks for the heads up, i’ve updated the link.

Looks like your class doesn’t work when the slider is in a object that has a z position other than zero. (startdrag fails, thanks adobe). Might have to go with an enterframe call eh?

@ctmanic: admittedly, I never tested this in 3D space and someone e-mailed me about it about a month ago. The solution was to replace the startDrag call with onMouseMove. If you google the issue you can also find some accompanying code for it. Hope that helps.

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