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AS2: GoogleAnalyticsUtils

View Documentation Download Class GoogleAnalyticsUtils is a utility class to easily track your clicks using Google Analytics. The class allows you to track in the old Urchin format or the new Event format as well as tracking with the old AS2 “javascript” calls or tracking with the new ExternalInterface API.

AS3 Grid Class Updated

Just wanted to say I updated the AS3 Grid class to reflect the ability to draw the grid from left to right or top to bottom based on the comments made by Skye Giordano. Thanks Skye!

Inspiration: Marc Ecko

WDDG created this neat site for the clothing designer Marc Ecko. I especially like the transitions as they are very fluid and work right into the design. Very cool work.

If You Don’t Know…

Now you know. CS4 was announced today and has a lot of cool new features. Take a look! UPDATE: Jen deHaan has posted a great little photo tour of the new Flash stuff on her blog. Check it out.

Tip: Get Dimensions Of Blurred Display Objects

I was working on a project recently where I had to blur a movie clip using the BlurFilter and then use the blurred clip’s new dimensions to create a new BitmapData and draw into it the blurred clip (or something along those lines, logistics of the project aren’t important for this purpose). I went ahead […]

Inspiration: Jeremy Levine Design

Seems I’ve been on an inspiration hunt lately, probably because I’m thinking about redoing my portfolio site (or at least I’m talking about redoing it again). I found Jeremy Levine Design which is an extremely well executed Flash site. I am not super crazy about the design, but the functionality of it is very nice. […]

New Look

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re not looking at this through your RSS reader, I’ve changed the theme. I think it looks nice and clean and hope you’ll like it as well. It is more organized and doesn’t take up as much space as well as allowing you to find stuff easier/faster. Let me know […]

Inspiration: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

This site is for the global advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. This is another example of very simple yet effective design that has awesome, fluent motion and pays a ton of attention to little details. I love the intro page with the globe and regional selections right down to the little sheep on the bottom […]