Masking & Video Object Bug

I was working on a project yesterday where I had to put a Video object onto the stage and I had controls that were over it. The controls only showed up when you rolled over the Video object so I figured I’d make the controls and use a mask over the video and tween the controls into place. Turns out there is a bug in Flash that was making this a lot more difficult than it should have been.

If you put a Video object on the stage and another object on top of it (with a mask on top of that object masking it), it also masks the video. There are two ways to get around this:

1) Make a “phantom” layer on top of the mask and put any old shape or any object on it, even off the stage. This makes the mask work properly and the video is no longer masked. (Thanks to Jack Doyle for this)

2) Turn the mask into a MovieClip and use ActionScript to mask the controls clip somewhere in your class file (or on the timeline if you’re doing it that way).

This took me a while to understand so hopefully this little tip saves someone some time in the future.

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