Inspiration: GO!EXPLORE

This neat little website for PSP gadgets is a great example of good use of 3D in Flash (and by 3D I mean video with 3D objects, not Papervision 3D). It just goes to show how a bland site could be spiced up with some nice 3D modeling and good use of video. The other thing I like about it is that the site is in London but loads relatively quickly for me (whereas other overseas sites take forever). Nice work, glue.

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I’m so glad you posted this, I saw this site weeks ago and haven’t been able to find it.
So to clarify, are those little robot guys really 3D objects that are rendered at runtime, or are they using regular video and scrubbing it?

those little guys are definitely videos that are being controlled through AS. there isn’t an engine as of right now that would be able to do that inside of flash so smoothly.

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