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This is coming straight out of the horse’s mouth:

The Collision Detection Kit is a package of classes created for pixel-precise, shape-based collision detection for all display objects. It is written in Actionscript 3.0 and meant for Flash Player version 9 and higher. The Collision Detection Kit comes with several features to control how collisions are detected, and provides data for the user of the class so they can do something about the collision.

This looks like a very promising library for collision detection. There is a post about it on Kirupa and the creator explains that there could be some optimization still performed on some of the classes but it’s a very good start and a huge time saver for those that need to hit the ground running.

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Hey, thanks for the free press, Matt! 🙂 I’ve seen you about on Kirupa, and have always enjoyed your contributions. Glad to hear you like the kit!

Sure thing Corey, it is a very useful set of classes that handles something people are always wanting help with. You did a nice job on it.

no broad phase? (i.e.

Will definitely make your checkCollisions() call 10x faster …

The objects already have a simple bounds check made prior to any intensive collision detecting. None of the shape-based testing is done if they aren’t already known to be overlapping. 🙂


Do you have a gitHub repository for this project?

@Razorblade: This isn’t my project so you’d have to email the creator, unfortunately.

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