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Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Today is the day to pig out on delicious food and enjoy time with your family. Then tomorrow is the day to spend thousands of dollars that you don’t have on stuff you really don’t need. YAY!

214 RSS Feeds I Follow

I just updated the Downloads page with an OPML file that contains the (currently) 214 RSS feeds I’m subscribed to. They are separated into 5 categories (AIR, Flash, Flex, Design, Miscellaneous). You can grab the file from there.

Tip: Flash Key Codes

It seems like whenever I need this I can never find it so I’m posting it here for my own future reference as well as for everyone else to have. These are the key codes that are returned by the KeyboardEvent in Flash so that you don’t have to run the actual method to retrieve […]

AS3: QueryString v1.1

I’ve just updated the QueryString class to fix an issue that was pointed out in the comments by roi. Trying to recover query string variables that do not exist no longer causes the other variables to not show, rather it just returns an empty string. You can get the update from the original post.

Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash

While I’ve previously made posts about tracking using Google Analytics in your Flash projects as well as a utility class to do that as well, both of those things were AS2 (even though they are easily ported over to AS3). Now it appears that there is an AS3 API for this that doesn’t even require […]

Adobe Flash CS4 & F1 Help Continued

So I previously posted about my hatred for the new help system inside of the CS4 products and begged for someone to find out how to get the old help panel back. While the following isn’t a complete solution to the issue, it is a lot better than having to go online all the damn […]

AS2: Environment

View Documentation Download Class A small utility class that allows you to set debug and live path variables for local and remote testing without having to toggle anything.

Tip: Flash CS4 Zoom Keyboard Shortcut

So as you may already know I recently installed CS4 and have been getting used to working in it on a daily basis. I use mostly keyboard shortcuts for choosing different tools in the tools panel and today I wanted to used the Magnifying Glass tool for the first time since installing CS4. Naturally, I […]

Inspiration: Punisher War Zone

This is a really well done site for the new Punisher movie. I think this is actually Neoganda’s best site (or at least one of their top three) and suits the movie very well. I did find a couple of small bugs in it (clicking fullscreen on the video loads up a new window, then […]