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AS2/AS3: TweenLite/Max Version 10 Released

Jack has officially (out of beta) released version 10 of TweenLite/TweenMax. This is the version with all the plugin architecture as well as some awesome new features and, as usual, speed improvements. You can read all about it on his official posting.

Doc? Updated To v2.1

Like the last post about Doc?, I just wanted to let everyone know that it has been updated to version 2.1 which brings some welcome changes, most notably plugins. The plugins are for Eclipse and the Flash IDE which allows you to have a panel (YAY!) inside of either of these environments that allows you […]

Doc? Adobe AIR Local LiveDocs

You’ve heard my cries about the Flash CS4 help panel here and here. Apparently others have too and I got an email over the weekend from Jeroen Beckers about a new application that he and a friend put together called Doc? This is basically what the Flash Help panel used to be in CS3 as […]

Inspiration: ThoughtPile

Herman Miller, the popular (and very expensive) chair maker has a new site where you can post up your thoughts called ThoughtPile. People can then comment on them or mark them positive or negative. Cool idea, but the way it is done is really nice. Sweet, fluid movement. It was done by Freedom + Partners […]

Happy “Holidays” Round 2

Have a happy Martin Luther King Day. It also happens to be my birthday today (I’m 26) and I think a pin I got on Friday from my girlfriend’s cousins said it perfectly: “Another Year Sexier” 😛

AS3: AxisScroller v1.1

I had a comment made on the AxisScroller v1.0 post by Riccardo Bartoli mentioning that disabling the arrows via the optional param but not defining the actual arrow clips would cause an error. I never posted v1.1 because I was still experimenting with it but I uploaded it now because it fixes that bug. To […]

EVOLVE On Twitter

I’ve finally bit the bullet and signed up for a Twitter account. I’m probably the last person on earth to sign up, but in case you’re interested in following me, my username is “reintroducing”. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually be using it but I’ll give it a shot at least. If you’ve got […]

AS3: Tweensy

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Jack Doyle’s TweenMax and a huge supporter of the GreenSock tweening platform. However, I would not be doing “my job” if I didn’t announce the release of Shane McCartney’s Tweensy. It is a new AS3 tweening engine that seems very advanced and robust. I took […]

Inspiration: Martini Asti

Ars Thanea is always doing great work, and the Martini Asti site they did for Bacardi Poland is no exception. As usual, since they are a Polish company, the site is in Polish but you can still use it effectively without knowing what it means. I like the little subtle use of Papervision3D to do […]