AS3: AxisScroller v1.1

I had a comment made on the AxisScroller v1.0 post by Riccardo Bartoli mentioning that disabling the arrows via the optional param but not defining the actual arrow clips would cause an error. I never posted v1.1 because I was still experimenting with it but I uploaded it now because it fixes that bug. To be absolutely honest, it’s been a while since I touched this and I even kind of forgot what was added in (more on this later) but it is a highly experimental version so please use at your own risk.

Now, I was doing some extensive stuff with the AxisScroller a while ago when I was making said changes and I realized that it no longer works how I wanted it to and I envision a better alternative to this. That’s why I kind of left it off in its experimental stages and wrote myself a note in my Stickies app (literally) that I would re-write this thing from scratch when I have some free time. That free time has not come, obviously, and I am leaving this for now at the experimental version 1.1. The download is at the 1.0 post (the zip will download the new 1.1 version).

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I am trying to use the scroller.
I have your example working.

I then copied all of the library to my movie which is in the same folder.
I copied the frames of your example into my movie.
on the main timeline as in your example.

I get this error
1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0.

my post got cut off for some reason, heres the rest

I get this error
1137: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0.

in reference to this line (12)
var optionalObj:Object = new Object(

This happens even if I copy the frames and library to a blank new movie?

thanks for any tips

Read the comments in the original AxisScroller 1.0 post and the answer you are looking for lies there 😛

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