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You’ve heard my cries about the Flash CS4 help panel here and here. Apparently others have too and I got an email over the weekend from Jeroen Beckers about a new application that he and a friend put together called Doc? This is basically what the Flash Help panel used to be in CS3 as a standalone AIR application. It’s actually very nicely done and has a couple of really nice options, including CS3 docs, CS4 docs, Flex Builder, and any other ASDoc book you want to import. You can also set bookmarks so you can go directly to a folder, a class, or whatever else you want to bookmark in your docs. For anyone who is interested and is running CS4, their FAQ actually doesn’t have the path to the CS4 book (which I provided to Jeroen in a return e-mail) but it is located at:

Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Help/en_US/AS3LCR/Flash_10.0

Grab Doc? and take it for a spin. Jeroen is more than happy to take any feedback to help make this a great tool.

Yes, a similar app was also developed by Big Spaceship which can be found here. I think Jeroen’s is a bit more involved and probably more likely to be updated in the future as Big Spaceship isn’t really pushing their main focus on their app. But again, I wouldn’t be doing “my job” if I didn’t make mention of this.

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Doc is much nicer than that little AIR version I sent you when you made the original post. Good find.

haha, you spent like two minutes on that… im sure they spent more time on it than you put into that puppy 😛

Yeah, Doc is slick. I’ve got it installed. Gotta love having local search back. The BigSpaceship one resembles the quick and dirty one I hacked together.

Wow I’m so glad somebody did this. I’ve had to resort to using Adobe’s online references, but this will be so much better…good find!

Has anyone tried using the ASDoc book feature of “Doc?” with ASDoc documentation generated from your own classes?

I use VisDoc to generate ASDoc documentation, which doesn’t seem to work with “Doc?” I get an “No docs were found in the specified folder” error.

In researching this I discovered it may be possible to generate ASDoc from the command line using the Flex SDK, more here.

If anybody knows a way to generate ASDoc that can be imported into Doc? as a Book please let me know! (if I get it to work I’ll post here) I emailed the Doc? team this morning.

It seems like if theres a way to use the same generator that Adobe does…it should work in “Doc?”

It was my understanding that you should be able to do that, so unless I missed something, hopefully they can help you out with that.


There’s a little misunderstanding: As far as I know, VisDoc doesn’t create ASDoc code; It creates VisDoc code.

ASDocs are created using the ASDoc.exe utility that is shipped with the Flex SDK.

Since all the examples at the visdoc site are down and I can’t find any example by googling, I can’t confirm it, but I’m pretty sure the formatting is not the same.

To import docs, I have to parse all the .html/.js/.xml using regexes. Regex is quite dynamic, but, fe, the file-structure is not. VisDoc probably hasn’t got the same XXXX.html pages as ASdoc generates and so it is not accepted as a valid ASDoc resource.

If anyone has any problems, it’s probably better to contact us through the than through this blog…


@jeroen – thats a good point, VisDoc doesn’t generate “ASDoc” style documentation. On their website they say ” VisDoc generates html documentation from ActionScript 2.0, 3.0 and Java class files”.
I guess I just think of it as the same because they look so similar.
I’m glad to here that you can use the Flex SDK to generate true ASDoc documentation, I’m going to try and figure that out soon.
If you’d like to see an example of what VisDoc does generate, you can see it here.

@jeroen thanks for your help and pointing me in the right direction. I was able to generate true ASDoc, from the command line on a MAC, and import the book into Doc?

Useful resources for generating ASDoc were:

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