Doc? Updated To v2.1

Like the last post about Doc?, I just wanted to let everyone know that it has been updated to version 2.1 which brings some welcome changes, most notably plugins. The plugins are for Eclipse and the Flash IDE which allows you to have a panel (YAY!) inside of either of these environments that allows you to run Doc? straight in the IDEs. Take a look at a full list of changes and grab the latest version here.

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Nice, it finally feels like the CS 4 Help Panel has been buried alive 😉

I spoke too soon without testing them out (I got a bit excited). The panel isn’t in the IDE itself, you actually have to run the AIR app in the background, and just search from inside the panel in the IDE. My apologies :\

Doc? is nice, but kind of inconvenient. What would be awesome is to make Doc? get documentation from the internet, and keep an offline cache. Then, with the help of an update button, you could stay up to date with your favorite SVN project online from your desktop and still be able to work in a no internet-connection location.

Just a thought 🙂

@TK: We are planning to put that in… Or at least a part of it. With the next major update, you will be able to enter the location of online ASDoc pages and it will download them.

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