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Inspiration: My Favorite Studios

Often times I get asked by people I work on stuff with or by clients what I consider as nice sites for inspiration and just to see whats possible. I often times want to send them the latest and greatest but sometimes just draw a blank. Here I’ve compiled a list of some of my […]

AS3: Guttershark

The other day I posted about CASA Lib, an AS2/AS3 library that helps you get things done faster. One of the comments (well, the only comment actually) was left by Oliver Turner about another one of these “frameworks”, Guttershark. From a quick glance at the documentation it seems that Guttershark is a bit larger than […]


Download CASA Lib I don’t remember how I found out about CASA Lib but I’ve been tracking its progress ever since. CASA Lib is a library/toolbox of classes that probably should have been included originally in Flash. It provides a ton of methods for doing stuff that you normally have to have workarounds for. It […]

Inspiration: GE Ecomagination

Just when you thought North Kingdom couldn’t get any better, they pull off this little gem for GE. I’m not even going to talk about the obvious awesome animation on the site but just want to also point out the augmented reality they did on here. Just another reason why they are one of my […]

My First Flash Site

I had seen a post on Veerle’s blog (an excellent design resource) a while ago chronicling her first website. I thought back to my first Flash site that I did while at school in early 2004 for my favorite movie Snatch and figured I’d resurrect it and share it with everyone. It’s always fun to […]

Selling On FlashDen – Part 1

Even before 2009 came around, I had made the decision to sell on FlashDen to earn some extra money on the side. I kept seeing all these files on the site that were, well, just not that good. But what really sold me on selling there was looking at the top sellers and seeing how […]

Tip: Replacing Backslashes In AS3

I was just working on a project where I had to replace a backslash in a file path because I was using Zinc to output files on Windows (BLAH!). Anyway, Windows likes its file paths to look like this (C:\) instead of the normal (C:). Therefore you have to do some string manipulation if you […]


Apparently FeedBurner is part of Google now so the RSS feed here has changed. The old URL will still push you to the new one but just to make it official you should probably update your feeds to point to Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone eventually runs into trouble […]

AS2 → AS3: Using Mouse Events

Download Example Files Gone are the days of having to create objects to act as listeners for mouse events. The nasty, unruly way of AS2 has been replaced like everything else with the AS3 event model and writing mouse listeners is similar to everything else you’re now used to in AS3.

AS3: GTween

In the spirit of posting about tweening libraries lately, I have to post that Grant Skinner has released his 5th beta of GTween and with it came along two new classes, GTweeny (the lightweight version of GTween) and GTweenTimeline. There are some interesting features in this set, most notably the GTweenTimeline, but to keep things […]