Selling On FlashDen – Part 1

Even before 2009 came around, I had made the decision to sell on FlashDen to earn some extra money on the side. I kept seeing all these files on the site that were, well, just not that good. But what really sold me on selling there was looking at the top sellers and seeing how much money they have pulled in. I’ve always wanted to do something where I can earn money while I’m sleeping so I figured this was a great thing to do. Besides, starting February 1st, 2009, FlashDen increased their rates for sellers so it made my decision even easier.

What I didn’t anticipate at the time was how the economic downturn was going to affect my freelancing. I’ve been freelancing the whole time I’ve been in this industry and I don’t really have a reason to go full-time, at least not at the moment. I live a life where I do not have children and I am not yet married so freelancing seems like the wise decision in my eyes. I know a lot of people have used the economy as a reason to do something they normally wouldn’t, but coupled with my reasons above and the fact that my income has shrunken significantly since getting work has not been as easy as it has in the past (although it does seem to be picking up a little bit at the moment), I am wanting to dip my hand in the stock Flash sales bucket.

What does this mean for files posted on this blog then? Well, I will continually update files that are currently here when I have free time as well as post new ones that I don’t think are much of a huge sales hit for sites like FlashDen. My plan to sell on that site is more so small application type things (like a video or audio player, a gallery or five) rather than utility files like some of the classes that I post here. That is not to say, though, that I may not sell some classes on there, but I think I will still mostly post classes for free on the blog. Besides, the time I put into some of this stuff coupled with the time I put into answering questions in e-mail/comments, I think it’s only fair to put some files up for sale for what ends up being a very small price on FlashDen.

I have not gotten the donations I have hoped for through this blog to equal out the amount of time I have put into the files here but I’ve always maintained that donations aren’t required. Aside from making my own sales program here on the site, I think FlashDen is the way to go. I’m hoping that you all understand the transition and why it’s being made and that you continue to support the site as you have in the past.

Part 2 of this post will cover my struggles with uploading my first file to FlashDen and their “support” (once my file has been approved, finally).

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Let us now how the sales are going Matt! I was thinking of selling some modules there as well, trying to start sharing the source codes at the same time, mailny for those people who have got enough time to dig into the classes and learn.

Good luck!

Hi.. I’m from Colombia and i follow often visit your site.. so i was reading this post and a question came out.. Can you sell classes in FlashDen??

i think is a great idea.. i want to sell too XD.


Good luck with this!!! I’m waiting to see some awesome files from you.

I’ve seen some utility classes on FlashDen being sold as long as you show how to use them in an example file. Most of the stuff I plan to sell will probably be things like the new version of AxisScroller (when I get around to creating it, totally rewritten with more features).

Thanks for the encouragement, I’m hoping that the files I post on there you guys will find useful and purchase 😛

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