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I don’t remember how I found out about CASA Lib but I’ve been tracking its progress ever since. CASA Lib is a library/toolbox of classes that probably should have been included originally in Flash. It provides a ton of methods for doing stuff that you normally have to have workarounds for. It is available for AS2 and AS3 which is nice for those still using AS2.

Here is a direct quote from the CASA Lib site:

CASA Lib is a flexible ActionScript library designed to streamline common chores and act as a solid, reliable foundation for your projects. It provides a core set of classes, interfaces, and utilities to get you coding faster and more reliably without getting in the way.

They just released an updated version 1.1.0 which added some new classes as well as updates to some current ones. I am going to be honest when I say that I don’t use CASA Lib in any of my projects currently but as I follow along with the development of it I start to question exactly WHY I’m not using it yet. There is a ton of useful stuff that it can do and some of the methods can really make your life easier on everyday, menial tasks. I do plan on working it into upcoming projects somehow; my only hurdle is not remembering what tools are available to me. My CodeBank is getting too large to remember whats where, unfortunately.

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An alternative to CASA Lib that is IMHO richer and deeper is Guttershark ( It has become such an important part of my workflow that I cannot envisage starting a project without it.

I can also attest to the fact that the developer is exceptionally responsive to queries and suggestions.

Also, Guttershark is completely non-prescriptive: you can take as much of its functionality as you need or want without feeling railroaded into coding to its ideas about how to structure a project.

Thanks for this Oliver. Nice library!

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