AS3: Guttershark

The other day I posted about CASA Lib, an AS2/AS3 library that helps you get things done faster. One of the comments (well, the only comment actually) was left by Oliver Turner about another one of these “frameworks”, Guttershark. From a quick glance at the documentation it seems that Guttershark is a bit larger than CASA Lib and has more functionality, but don’t quote me on that (like I said, it was a quick glance).

Here is a description ripped straight from the Guttershark site:

Guttershark is an Actionscript 3 Library based around the idea of GTD (getting things done). I need to be extremely fast at what I do, and can’t (and don’t want to) re-write the same code over and over.

Guttershark is relief for the most common code that is re-written. It’s extremely flexible and dynamic. If you like TweenMax, or a dynamic language like Ruby or Python, then you’ll get along just fine with Guttershark.

Thanks for the heads up Oliver. Go ahead and compare the two libraries for yourself and see which one fits your needs (or maybe both?).

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thanks for the spotlight. -Aaron

good work on Guttershark, Aaron. there are some really useful things in there.

I have been using Guttershark for it’s ServiceManager and Remoting Library. It works flawlessly with RubyAMF. Great work Aaron!

Hey Peter, Glad to hear you’re using the service manager. And using RubyAMF! Enjoy. -Aaron

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