Inspiration: My Favorite Studios

Often times I get asked by people I work on stuff with or by clients what I consider as nice sites for inspiration and just to see whats possible. I often times want to send them the latest and greatest but sometimes just draw a blank. Here I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite studios and the work they do for future reference and for others to see as well. Not only are their sites very nice but its mostly about the work they produce.

I’ll present the list in alphabetical order.

By no means is this a comprehensive list, its just some of MY favorites. If you’ve got some favorites, list them in the comments for everyone else to see!

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North Kingdom rocks, I saw them give a presentation at FITC 2008 Toronto. Have you seen their Coke Zero game?

@JP: yes, and i was at that presentation too! lol, funny how that works out…

haha nice, are you going to FITC Toronto again this year? I assume you were at the Eric Natzke lecture to then…

yes i was at his and no im not going to this years. i go once every couple of years to get re-inspired 😛

I’m trying to go but I’m not sure nemo has the budget for it right now…definitively inspiring!

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