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Is This Site Slow?

When I visit this site or even my admin pages it takes me a really long time to load. Am I the only one that experiences this or is this normal for everyone that is coming here in an actual browser? I’d really appreciate it if you let me know so I can try to […]

Inspiration: Flash Developer Workspaces

I was going through my RSS about three weeks back and saw a neat post on Webdesigner Depot about some of the workspaces used in creating some of the most popular sites. It was quite inspirational and a lot of the comments were very positive. I thought it’d be a cool idea to do the […]

Interview With A Flash Developer

My online buddy Reynaldo Columna has started a site where he interviews Flash developers from the community. I was fortunate enough to get asked to do an interview and you could read it here.

Am I Crazy? Question About Using AS3 Loader

EDIT 3/20/09: Thanks to Andre Anaya in the comments I figured out what my issue was. Apparently I have to run the loader.unload() method in my Event.INIT before going on and loading the next asset. Thanks Andre! I normally don’t like to do this on here but I’m at a loss right now. I just […]

Tip: Remove All Children From A DisplayObjectContainer

I seem to always be looking for a way to remove all the children in a given DisplayObjectContainer when working on my projects. I’ve now repeated this code enough that I finally decided to just throw this method into a DisplayObjectUtils class and use it from there without having to remember how to do it […]

Inspiration: Soft

Soft is a company from Sweden that has some really nice work. Their site is very nice (done in PV3D) and fluid. I especially like the portfolio sections where videos are present. It shows a little video control bar when you play and its fully blended in with all the PV3D motion. Very nice.

Selling On FlashDen – Part 2

In part 1 of this post I talked about the reasoning behind my transition to selling some of my files on FlashDen. In this post I’m going to talk about my experience so far with the site and what it took to sell my first file (or list it, at least).

AS3: Dynamic Resizing Video Player with Optional XML Playlist

View Preview Buy on FlashDen This is my first FlashDen file. For the sake of brevity (for me to write, at least), I will just post the description that I had written for the file originally here.

My Stock Flash Files

If you are someone who looks out for details and doesn’t just read this site through your RSS reader you will notice that there is a new page called “Stock Flash” which links directly to my FlashDen portfolio. Tomorrow I will outline part 2 of my “Selling on FlashDen” post but for now you can […]

Server Poop

Sorry about the down time for the past two days. Apparently Media Temple was having some issues with their storage clusters but it should be resolved now. If you e-mailed me in the past two days I may not have gotten it as well 🙁