Inspiration: Flash Developer Workspaces

I was going through my RSS about three weeks back and saw a neat post on Webdesigner Depot about some of the workspaces used in creating some of the most popular sites. It was quite inspirational and a lot of the comments were very positive. I thought it’d be a cool idea to do the same thing but for Flash developers and their workspaces. I set out to contact as many of the “top” developers in our industry but unfortunately not all of them responded. It may be because they get tons of email daily, it may be because my email got filtered into spam, or it may just be that they chose to ignore it. Whatever the reasoning, I still love you guys so don’t worry about it. If you’d like to add your workspace here after seeing this by all means feel free to get in touch with me and I’ll add it.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you some of the workspaces of Flash developers that make our community tick.

Mr.doob – Mr.doob

Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle – GreenSock

Ralph Hauwert
Ralph Hauwert – UnitZeroOne

Joshua Hirsch
Joshua Hirsch – Big Spaceship

Mario Klingemann #1 - Quasimondo
Mario Klingemann #1 – Quasimondo

Mario Klingemann #2 - Quasimondo
Mario Klingemann #2 – Quasimondo

Tim Knip
Tim Knip – Floorplanner/Papervision3D

John Lindquist
John Lindquist – Papervision3D

Milan Orszagh
Milan Orszagh – Ovos

Matt Przybylski #1
Matt Przybylski #1 – EVOLVE

Matt Przybylski #2
Matt Przybylski #2 – EVOLVE

Charles Schulze
Charles Schulze – Woven Interactive

Carlos Ulloa
Carlos Ulloa – Papervision3D Team

Gert-Jan van der Wel
Gert-Jan van der Wel – Floorplanner

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so apparently, flash developers only use mac book pros. ;p

mac is where its at, marcus!

Jack Doyle looks very organized!

Tim Knips workspace is awesome. Very simple!! like it!! its exactly the same as mine.

they all twitter

@druiven: yes they do, and at first i initially had their twitter links next to their names, but eventually took it out, not sure why.

@Matt, anyway nice shots, with ‘they twitter’ = i also see it on their screens

Hmmmz developers that use Macbooks…. something wrong here, me thinks…..Macs are for artsi fartsi designers…

Nice collection!

Wondering, Does anyone know whats the’docking station’ that most of those macbookpros are sitting on?

That’s for sure no MacBook on my table.

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I like the idea of putting up images of the workspaces of some important flashers. Very cool, simple, and fairly unique. Cool idea and with good results.

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