Is This Site Slow?

When I visit this site or even my admin pages it takes me a really long time to load. Am I the only one that experiences this or is this normal for everyone that is coming here in an actual browser? I’d really appreciate it if you let me know so I can try to see why it is running so slow and maybe do something about it if I can. I know there is a WP-Cache plugin as well as WP-SuperCache so I may look into that. I did have WP-Cache installed a long time ago on here but it was caching files and I wasn’t seeing updates so I disabled it. If anyone knows of a way to speed this up (or if those are the only/best ways to do so) please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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I have noticed this site seeming to be slow, but I can never tell if its the site or my work connection. Its never insanely slow, but maybe there is a way to cache it without loosing updates, I’ll ask some wordpress junkies i know ;)…

A little birdy told me that wp-super-cache has a clear cache button, and that it should auto-clear cache whenever you add a new post, but not necessarily on post updates (comments).
I wonder if there’s an addon for making it auto-clear on updates…

Sweet, thanks JP! I installed super cache and it seems to be running faster for me now. awesome. by the way, do you use AIM? my screen name on there is “the polish mafia”. sometimes its just easier to talk on AIM.


i do use AIM i’m “johnpauldevries”

I do find this site noticeably slower to load up than other blogs but I think it’s something to do with your providers server – it can’t be anything to do with your code I don’t think.

@dVyper: it should be a bit faster now (it seems to be to me anyway) but i’m hosted on mediatemple like a ton of other people who don’t have these issues so i don’t think its that…

Loads up pretty fast for me. I’m in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Normal…I´m in São Paulo-Brazil

If you’re using MediaTemple (gs) I can relate to the crappy connections you seem to randomly get.

I have a dedicated virtual server from MT as well, which runs superb. It’s just the GS server that sucks for some reason.

Also – for the record, it does seem a bit slow to me. Took about 4 – 6 seconds for the front page to load and any blog post I click on. Kind of long for WordPress, especially considering yours is optimized.

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