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Want To Write For EVOLVE?

Have you ever wanted to contribute some knowledge/info to the community but didn’t want to bother with starting your own blog? You didn’t want to start from scratch and wanted an already established place to convey your ideas? Then this may be exactly what you are looking for. Read on for more info.

Inspiration: Puma Lift

I’m a little late to the table with this one as well but Firstborn won its 40th FWA with the new Puma Lift site. The intro is pretty awesome (I know, it’s video, but still awesome) and as usual with FB’s sites its really well done and super fluid. Congrats on the FWA total.

Inspiration: Benjamin Moore | ben

A neat little site from AKQA for the new Benjamin Moore paints, ben. I like how clean the site is and just the overall feel/motion of it just feels “right”.

Inspiration: Days With My Father

I’ve been super busy lately on a project I’m working on that has taken up way more time of mine than I had hoped so I apologize for not posting much up lately. I’ve taken little steps here and there to stay sane and one of them is visiting this site, Days With My Father, […]