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Tip: Testing For NaN

I was working on a project today and I was getting NaN as a return value for a trace up until a certain point in time. I figured that a quick check in an if/else statement would solve my issue but I was wrong. Here I will outline what I initially did and the quick […]

AS2/AS3: ThunderBolt

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I’ll just post what ThunderBolt is directly ripping the Google Code page: ThunderBolt is a lightweight logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3 applications using Firebug. Basically, ThunderBolt is a way to trace stuff out to Firebug’s console (similar to FlashTracer). Pretty sweet!

ActionScript Error Repository

The ActionScript Error Repository is a neat little site that lets you search for AS errors based on their error codes. It’s a pretty handy little tool to see what error you are getting (sometimes they end up being pretty cryptic) and seeing what a possible solution may be. It’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Best Source Code Comments

This isn’t directly related to Flash but programming in general. Stack Overflow has a post about encountering the best comments in source code. These are pretty classic.