Flash Game Development by Example Mini Review

When you think of where the Flash Platform is headed you’re undoubtedly talking about gaming. With the new Molehill stuff coming upon us and the ability to do crazy 3D stuff in the Flash player there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the platform is going to be a serious contender when it comes to games not only online but on mobile devices as well. Molehill doesn’t only mean 3D however and you can certainly develop some great 2D games that run really well on these devices as well. I’ve never been much of a game developer as my focus has always been mostly on creating interactive online sites/experiences so when I got hold of a copy of Flash Game Development by Example I was pretty happy to see that it outlines 9 different game types and walks you through creating them from start to finish.

The book is written by Emanuele Feronato whose site I’ve frequented for the better part of the last five years. He’s always put out really good game development tutorials on his blog so expect this book to be no different. The 9 games you’ll be making include:

The starting point is relatively basic so you can pick it up even if you’ve not programmed much in Flash and by the time you’ve completed the ninth game you end up with a pretty firm understanding of ActionScript and what its capable of. You’ll learn everything from setting up classes and how to use arrays to some useful trigonometry functions and properly using keyboard input. If you’re a seasoned game dev you’re probably not going to get much out of this book but if you’re just starting up and want to get inside the mind of a game developer and how to structure your code you’ll definitely benefit from reading this. My only gripe (and this isn’t so much with the book as it is with Emanuele’s coding style) is that he always uses lowercase class names (even on his blog) rather than the standard camel case I’m used to. Nevertheless, don’t let this get in the way of reading a great book that is sure to give you a lot of great insight.

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Used flash for just about everything 3 years ago, now I just do games with it. Everything else I do in HTML 5 now.

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