AS2: Animating Filters With Fuse

View Example Download Fuse Download Example Files I still use Fuse for my scripted animations in AS2 so I figured I'd show how I animate filters using Fuse in AS2 projects. In this instance, I used the glow filter to animate when you roll over a button. The filter animation in Fuse is pretty much […]

AS2: Record & Save Audio To Server With Flash Media Server

Download Example Files The other day I posted a tip on how to set up Flash Media Server Developer Edition locally on your PC. To reiterate, I'm by no means an expert with Flash Media Server and this was the only test I had done with it, but I figured I'd show how to record […]

AS2: Search As You Type

View Preview Download Source - Flash 8+ This was a test to see if I could build a search as you type application. It was built back in mid-2006 so it's not the best code, but you can improve it if you'd like. Right now there aren't that many results so it runs relatively quickly, […]

AS2: Fuse Vertex Tweening Panel

View Example Download Source - Flash 8+ This was a test run on tweening vertices of a shape. The code isn't very elegant and certainly not bug free, but feel free to reuse it in any way, shape, or form. If you improve on this, please let me know as I'd be curious to see […]

AS2: XML Image Loading Scroller

View Example Download Source - Flash 8+ This is an image scroller that loads in images through XML. Right now it is set up to move horizontally based on what button on the bottom you roll over. It was originally a file I made for someone on the Kirupa forums a long time ago but […]