AS3 Classes on GitHub

Just wanted to give a quick note that I’ve put some of my classes up on GitHub. That is the best way to keep track of some of the code as I’ll probably be updating that more than the blog when I make small changes. Feel free to fork or whatever it is people do […]

AS3: Drag a Clip Along an Arc

View Example Download Source A while ago I was creating a video player for a project that needed to have the scrubber sit on an arc and be draggable. I asked around on Twitter if anyone knew of something that had this type of functionality already built (because it seems like something I shouldn’t have […]

AS3: SoundManager v1.4

UPDATE 1/14/11: As pointed out in the comments by a few users, I just fixed a bug that didn’t allow you to replay a sound once it was played for the first time. Sorry about that. Please keep testing and sending in reports! View SoundManager Documentation View SoundItem Documentation Download TweenLite (needed to run example […]

AS3: Collection, ValueObject, & Iterator

View Collection Documentation View Iterator Documentation View Value Object Documentation Download Classes & Example Files A while ago I blogged about converting Collection and Iterator classes to AS3 since storing data in ValueObjects has become a regular practice in my coding. I really like how VOs are strongly typed and how you use a Collection […]

Tip: Testing For NaN

I was working on a project today and I was getting NaN as a return value for a trace up until a certain point in time. I figured that a quick check in an if/else statement would solve my issue but I was wrong. Here I will outline what I initially did and the quick […]

AS2/AS3: ThunderBolt

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I’ll just post what ThunderBolt is directly ripping the Google Code page: ThunderBolt is a lightweight logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3 applications using Firebug. Basically, ThunderBolt is a way to trace stuff out to Firebug’s console (similar to FlashTracer). Pretty sweet!

AS3: Dynamic Resizing Video Player with Optional XML Playlist

View Preview Buy on FlashDen This is my first FlashDen file. For the sake of brevity (for me to write, at least), I will just post the description that I had written for the file originally here.

AS3: Guttershark

The other day I posted about CASA Lib, an AS2/AS3 library that helps you get things done faster. One of the comments (well, the only comment actually) was left by Oliver Turner about another one of these “frameworks”, Guttershark. From a quick glance at the documentation it seems that Guttershark is a bit larger than […]


Download CASA Lib I don’t remember how I found out about CASA Lib but I’ve been tracking its progress ever since. CASA Lib is a library/toolbox of classes that probably should have been included originally in Flash. It provides a ton of methods for doing stuff that you normally have to have workarounds for. It […]

AS3: GTween

In the spirit of posting about tweening libraries lately, I have to post that Grant Skinner has released his 5th beta of GTween and with it came along two new classes, GTweeny (the lightweight version of GTween) and GTweenTimeline. There are some interesting features in this set, most notably the GTweenTimeline, but to keep things […]