AS3: Drag a Clip Along an Arc

View Example Download Source A while ago I was creating a video player for a project that needed to have the scrubber sit on an arc and be draggable. I asked around on Twitter if anyone knew of something that had this type of functionality already built (because it seems like something I shouldn’t have […]

AS3: Dynamic Resizing Video Player with Optional XML Playlist

View Preview Buy on FlashDen This is my first FlashDen file. For the sake of brevity (for me to write, at least), I will just post the description that I had written for the file originally here.

AS3: Papervision3D FreeCamera Movement

View Example Get Papervision3D [Tutorial] Get TweenMax Download Source One of the things that I was curious about when using Papervision3D was how the camera moves around and tracks other objects. Originally I set up a Camera3D object and moved it around to look at other objects but that wasn’t playing well with the way […]

AS3: DistortionTweener Done Easier In Papervision3D

View Example Get Papervision3D [Tutorial] Get TweenMax Download Source Well, the first thing I have done in Papervision3D is a replica of what I essentially did with the DistortionTweener (or actually the reason I made the DistortionTweener). It is much easier to do and takes a lot less to do (the original DistortionTweener, with research, […]

AS3: Image Slider

View Example 1 View Example 2 Download Source UPDATE 9:52 PM CST: I just fixed a small issue so if you downloaded the source please re-download it. Thanks. The image slider is a small project I made for a friend of mine. It works in a similar fashion to the iTunes cover flow except that […]

AS3: Double AxisScroller

View Preview Download Example Files Download AxisScroller I've been asked a couple of times to show a demonstration of the AxisScroller being used on both the X and Y axis. Here is an example of it in AS3. For some reason I haven't been able to replicate this behavior with the AS2 version but I'll […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu Extended

View Example Download Example Files Download Environment Download TweenLite Last time we looked at the Event Responsive Menu we made a menu system that responded to events based on what button was clicked. This was a working version but rather ugly/useless in the sense that we didn't add any actual functionality to it so now […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu

View Example Download Example Files Normally when I build menus for my projects I usually end up having to keep track of which button is selected and disable it while clicking on another button will disable that one and re-enable the one previously selected. I could build that very quickly in AS2 but have yet […]

AS3: Custom Events

Download Example Files I've traveled far and wide (ok, not really) to find what I consider to be a good way to use custom events in ActionScript 3. Normally when dispatching events I like to pass in custom parameters that can be retrieved by the handler which I can then use in my code. I […]