My Classes

AS3: SliderUI v1.5

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files I’ve updated the SliderUI class to add some more features. There is now a custom SliderUIEvent being dispatched, a setter method for the currentValue and percent properties which automatically moves the sliders to their appropriate spots when these are set, and a precision parameter passed into […]

AS3: AgeChecker

View Documentation Download Class This is a straight port of my AS2 AgeChecker (actually Calvin Ly’s code, my class) for anyone interested.

AS3: SliderUI

UPDATE: Please use SliderUI v1.51 for the latest and greatest. View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files If you’re anything like me, you hate using components and try to steer clear of them WHENEVER you can. The SliderUI was spawned from this hate and is a super easy way to create a slider […]

AS3: SoundManager

UPDATED 1/6/2011: SoundManager v1.4 has been released and should be used instead of this class. View Documentation Download TweenLite Download Class I don’t normally add sounds to my projects unless the client requests it but when they do I always struggle to cleanly do it. I just had to write a utility that would allow […]

AS3: MouseIdleMonitor

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files I recently had the need to track if the user has stopped using their mouse (if the mouse was idle) in an application I was building. It actually turned out to be a lot easier than I had imagined with the use of a timer and […]

AS3: QueryString

View Documentation Download Class UPDATE 11/20/08: I’ve updated the class to fix the issue roi outlined in the comments. The download now goes the the new version, 1.1. I’ve posted before on retrieving FlashVars and how to do it in AS3. FlashVars is the suggested way of grabbing in variables from outside of Flash, but […]

Papervision3D FDT3 Template

After writing about Eclipse/FDT3/Papervision3D and my heavy usage of templates to speed up my workflow, the natural thing to do was to create a Papervision3D template to use in conjunction with FDT3. You can grab the template from the Downloads page at any time (if I update it in the future, the newest version will […]

AS3: Collection & Iterator

UPDATED 8/7/09: View the most recent classes associated with this here. View Collection Documentation View Iterator Documentation Download Class & Example Files Anyone who has worked with me in the past probably knows my distaste for Cairngorm and how I think it overcomplicates things. One really nice feature of it, however, is value objects (now […]

AS3: StageManager

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files The StageManager aligns items according to their selected alignment mode. You have the ability to resize your items with “easing” or “instant” modes as well. It also dispatches an event, ON_RESIZE, that allows for further manipulation of items to the stage sizing.

AS3: PullOutMenu

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files The PullOutMenu class creates a menu like the classic dropdown menu with the options to direct it up, down, left, or right depending on values set. It also has a bunch of other customizable options.