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My AS3 TransformManager Experience

I recently posted about Jack Doyle’s new class called TransformManager which basically allows you to take a display object and make it a transformable item. This means that you can easily scale/rotate/move around the object in real-time in your application. It just so happens that I got tasked with creating an application where you can […]

AS2/AS3: CustomEase

View Blog Post Jack Doyle, the maker of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax (and as I’m sure you already know if you read this blog, a good friend of mine) has done it once again. He’s created a class called CustomEase which allows you to create custom easing equations for usage in your tweening engines (although you should really […]

AS3: TransformManager

View TransformManager Post If you’ve ever had to make an application where the user can scale/rotate/distort objects on the stage you know its no easy task. Well, Jack Doyle, a good friend and the wonderful author of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax, has release an AS3 version of his TransformManager class that allows you to easily add this functionality […]

AS3: InteractivePNG

View InteractivePNG Post The maker of Fuse, Moses Gunesch, has created a VERY handy little utility class called InteractivePNG that allows you to disable the hit area of a PNG if the pixels are transparent. Simply put, when you save out a PNG that has transparency, rolling over the transparent part of the PNG will […]

AS3: QueueLoader

View QueueLoader Post In AS2 I would often load things sequentially and display them in order if loaded or not. I had a SequentialLoader class that was created by Tom Stanley which did the job just right. I have yet to port the class over to AS3 but apparently I won’t need to considering that […]

AS3: TweenLite & TweenFilterLite

View TweenLite Post View TweenFilterLite Post View Animation Engine Speed Tester Much like the AS2 version of the system, the AS3 version features only a 2kb SWF bloat, TweenFilterLite for filter tweening, and performs very well compared to the “big name” animation systems. All pertinent information can be gathered from the posts above without having […]