Inspiration: UFC 100

I’m a bit late on this but the UFC 100 site by Red Interactive is very nicely done. Great use of PV3D.

Inspiration: Big & Small

I saw this on John Lindquist’s blog about Big & Small, a cartoon in the UK for which Plug-in Media made the site. The site is fantastic and all done in Papervision3D. There is tons of things to explore and its just very well done. You can see a bit about the project on Seb […]

Inspiration: Puma Lift

I’m a little late to the table with this one as well but Firstborn won its 40th FWA with the new Puma Lift site. The intro is pretty awesome (I know, it’s video, but still awesome) and as usual with FB’s sites its really well done and super fluid. Congrats on the FWA total.

Inspiration: Benjamin Moore | ben

A neat little site from AKQA for the new Benjamin Moore paints, ben. I like how clean the site is and just the overall feel/motion of it just feels “right”.

Inspiration: Days With My Father

I’ve been super busy lately on a project I’m working on that has taken up way more time of mine than I had hoped so I apologize for not posting much up lately. I’ve taken little steps here and there to stay sane and one of them is visiting this site, Days With My Father, […]

Inspiration: Flash Developer Workspaces

I was going through my RSS about three weeks back and saw a neat post on Webdesigner Depot about some of the workspaces used in creating some of the most popular sites. It was quite inspirational and a lot of the comments were very positive. I thought it’d be a cool idea to do the […]

Inspiration: Soft

Soft is a company from Sweden that has some really nice work. Their site is very nice (done in PV3D) and fluid. I especially like the portfolio sections where videos are present. It shows a little video control bar when you play and its fully blended in with all the PV3D motion. Very nice.

Inspiration: My Favorite Studios

Often times I get asked by people I work on stuff with or by clients what I consider as nice sites for inspiration and just to see whats possible. I often times want to send them the latest and greatest but sometimes just draw a blank. Here I’ve compiled a list of some of my […]

Inspiration: GE Ecomagination

Just when you thought North Kingdom couldn’t get any better, they pull off this little gem for GE. I’m not even going to talk about the obvious awesome animation on the site but just want to also point out the augmented reality they did on here. Just another reason why they are one of my […]

Inspiration: ThoughtPile

Herman Miller, the popular (and very expensive) chair maker has a new site where you can post up your thoughts called ThoughtPile. People can then comment on them or mark them positive or negative. Cool idea, but the way it is done is really nice. Sweet, fluid movement. It was done by Freedom + Partners […]