Inspiration: Martini Asti

Ars Thanea is always doing great work, and the Martini Asti site they did for Bacardi Poland is no exception. As usual, since they are a Polish company, the site is in Polish but you can still use it effectively without knowing what it means. I like the little subtle use of Papervision3D to do […]

Inspiration: Audi – Vorsprung durch Technik

Neue Digitale created a pretty sweet site for Audi. While the title of the site is in German, the site can be viewed in English as well as a whole lot of other languages. You’ve all seen the little field of dots in the past where once you mouse over it they repel away from […]

Inspiration: Punisher War Zone

This is a really well done site for the new Punisher movie. I think this is actually Neoganda’s best site (or at least one of their top three) and suits the movie very well. I did find a couple of small bugs in it (clicking fullscreen on the video loads up a new window, then […]

Inspiration: GO!EXPLORE

This neat little website for PSP gadgets is a great example of good use of 3D in Flash (and by 3D I mean video with 3D objects, not Papervision 3D). It just goes to show how a bland site could be spiced up with some nice 3D modeling and good use of video. The other […]

Inspiration: Bacardi Original Mojito

Ars Thanea created this awesome little site for the Original Mojito by Bacardi. I’m particularly proud of this site not only because it is very well done, but because Ars Thanea is a Polish Flash development company and they do great work. Check out more of their work at their site.

Inspiration: Karim Charlebois-Zariffa

The portfolio site of Karim Charlebois-Zariffa is not new but when I originally saw it I didn’t have a category for inspiration on the blog. I ran across it again today and figured I’d post it here. Very simple site but well done. Nice Papervision work on the transitions.

Inspiration: Unbutton Your Beast

This Unbutton Your Beast site for Levis is pretty awesome. The beasts are hilarious and it’s a nice, engaging experience. Very well done.

Inspiration: Marc Ecko

WDDG created this neat site for the clothing designer Marc Ecko. I especially like the transitions as they are very fluid and work right into the design. Very cool work.

Inspiration: Jeremy Levine Design

Seems I’ve been on an inspiration hunt lately, probably because I’m thinking about redoing my portfolio site (or at least I’m talking about redoing it again). I found Jeremy Levine Design which is an extremely well executed Flash site. I am not super crazy about the design, but the functionality of it is very nice. […]

Inspiration: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

This site is for the global advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty. This is another example of very simple yet effective design that has awesome, fluent motion and pays a ton of attention to little details. I love the intro page with the globe and regional selections right down to the little sheep on the bottom […]