Tips & Tricks

What To Deliver A Flash Developer

Flash developers are usually the last line of defense (meaning that we are the last ones to touch the project before the client sees it) and there is a lot of pressure put on us to deliver a polished product. At the point we start, chances are the deadline has already been stretched due to […]

Tip: Output Trace Statements Through Terminal

Recently I’ve been using the technique found here for outputting trace statements to the terminal when viewing your sites in a browser and it has worked flawlessly for me. I’ve been doing a lot of projects lately that include database integration so they have to be run in a staging environment and tracing in the […]

Tip: Convert An Object To A Class By Name

Have you ever had to convert an object into a class based on its name? If you’ve got a string representation of the object (like its class identifier from the library) you can convert it to the data type that you’d like. All you have to do is use the handy little method called getDefinitionByName().

Tip: Tools To Document Your Code

I got an e-mail the other day from someone asking about what tools he can use to document his code. I had written a reply to him but I was using webmail and it froze up on me. I was able to, just in time, copy the reply over and saved it for later where […]

Tip: Calculating Correct FullScreen Values

So the project I’m currently working on includes all types of video players and one of the options (as is normal these days) is going to fullScreen mode. Normally you would use the Capabilities class to grab the screenResolutionX and screenResolutionY values in your code and react to it with whatever code you needed to […]

Tip: Testing For NaN

I was working on a project today and I was getting NaN as a return value for a trace up until a certain point in time. I figured that a quick check in an if/else statement would solve my issue but I was wrong. Here I will outline what I initially did and the quick […]

ActionScript Error Repository

The ActionScript Error Repository is a neat little site that lets you search for AS errors based on their error codes. It’s a pretty handy little tool to see what error you are getting (sometimes they end up being pretty cryptic) and seeing what a possible solution may be. It’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Tip: Remove All Children From A DisplayObjectContainer

I seem to always be looking for a way to remove all the children in a given DisplayObjectContainer when working on my projects. I’ve now repeated this code enough that I finally decided to just throw this method into a DisplayObjectUtils class and use it from there without having to remember how to do it […]

Tip: Replacing Backslashes In AS3

I was just working on a project where I had to replace a backslash in a file path because I was using Zinc to output files on Windows (BLAH!). Anyway, Windows likes its file paths to look like this (C:\) instead of the normal (C:). Therefore you have to do some string manipulation if you […]

Tip: Flash Key Codes

It seems like whenever I need this I can never find it so I’m posting it here for my own future reference as well as for everyone else to have. These are the key codes that are returned by the KeyboardEvent in Flash so that you don’t have to run the actual method to retrieve […]