Tips & Tricks

Adobe Flash CS4 & F1 Help Continued

So I previously posted about my hatred for the new help system inside of the CS4 products and begged for someone to find out how to get the old help panel back. While the following isn’t a complete solution to the issue, it is a lot better than having to go online all the damn […]

Tip: Flash CS4 Zoom Keyboard Shortcut

So as you may already know I recently installed CS4 and have been getting used to working in it on a daily basis. I use mostly keyboard shortcuts for choosing different tools in the tools panel and today I wanted to used the Magnifying Glass tool for the first time since installing CS4. Naturally, I […]

Masking & Video Object Bug

I was working on a project yesterday where I had to put a Video object onto the stage and I had controls that were over it. The controls only showed up when you rolled over the Video object so I figured I’d make the controls and use a mask over the video and tween the […]

Tip: Get Dimensions Of Blurred Display Objects

I was working on a project recently where I had to blur a movie clip using the BlurFilter and then use the blurred clip’s new dimensions to create a new BitmapData and draw into it the blurred clip (or something along those lines, logistics of the project aren’t important for this purpose). I went ahead […]

ZenDoc Documents AS3 Classes

For someone like me who is not very handy with Ant build files, the command line, ASDoc, and other crap of that nature, getting a nice HTML documentation together for your AS3 class files is a pain in the ass. I know running an Ant build would be much smoother for this kind of thing […]

Tip: Clearing A BitmapData’s Contents

I’ve been using BitmapData lately more and more (I know, I’m very late to the party) and something that I was curious in was how to clear it before I can draw to it again so that the previous frame’s contents are not in it. Particularly, I was wondering how I can very simply and […]

Tip: Flash IDE Text Strokes

I’m currently working on a project where the designer LOVES to use stroked text. As you probably know by now, there is no text stroking in Flash unless you bring the asset in already stroked from another program or you break the text apart and add a stroke to the broken up shapes. There is, […]

Setting Up Papervision3D in Eclipse/FDT3

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and start playing around a bit with Papervision3D. I’ve seen too many cool things coming out of that camp and I wanted to get my hands down and dirty and experimenting with the possibilities to move my work forward. I use Eclipse/FDT3 on a Mac so getting up […]

Setting Up Eclipse & FDT3

There are some things that I want to write about on this blog that I feel like I can’t do as of yet because some of them are geared more towards Eclipse/FDT3 users or at least the way I use those tools. That being said, I figured I should give a rundown of how I […]

Tip: Converting Strings To Booleans

If you’ve downloaded my Image Slider, you may have looked at the file and noticed that I was using a utility class to convert the loaded string values for things that are actually booleans from the XML. I was originally loading them and I couldn’t figure out why when I traced out what was […]