» FDT AS3 Templates : Updated 5/26/10
These are all of my templates for FDT. To install, just open up Eclipse and go to FDT → Preferences → FDT → Editor → Templates. Click on Import and navigate to the XML file that is extracted. To use, press Ctrl+Space and type in the template name to get the code-hint for template popup and select the appropriate one from the list.

» My RSS OPML File : Updated 11/24/08
This is an OPML file that you can import to your RSS reader that has all the feeds I follow in it. Included are 214 subscriptions separated into 5 categories (AIR, Flash, Flex, Design, Miscellaneous). I’ve compiled this list over about two years and have tried to get rid of the blogs that are no longer actively updated so it should be pretty solid.

» Papervision3D FDT3 Template : Updated 5/7/08
This template will get you up and running quickly with Papervision3D. It will set up a viewport, camera, renderer, and a scene with a render() method to update each frame so you can start testing your scenes as quickly as possible.

» Find Corresponding Library Item.jsfl
This JSFL script will allow you to click on a movie clip on the stage, run the script, and you’ll get the library item that clip is associated to. It’s great for working on projects that you may not have made or if you don’t remember which folder the clip is buried into. For installation instructions, see this post.

» fl.* Package .swc : Updated 2/21/08
This is the .swc file that Samuel Agesilas created for me that holds the fl.* package. You can use this in Eclipse/FDT 3 as a Linked Library to allow usage of the fl.* package without errors.

UPDATE: The old version was missing the package. This version is proper and it was grabbed from Aron Philipp’s blog.

» Eclipse/FDT 3 AS2/AS3 Preferences : Updated 5/5/08
These are the preferences I use in Eclipse. This is obviously tailored to my needs but if you wonder what my settings are, here you go. This will also give you my templates so you don’t have to download them separately. Use at your own discretion.

» FDT 3/AS2/AS3 Templates : No longer updated [legacy only]

» Eclipse/FDT 1.5 AS2 Preferences : No longer updated [legacy only]

» FDT 1.5/AS2 Templates : No longer updated [legacy only]


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[…] けっこう大変ですね。ページの基準点を変更するのに苦戦しました。一応、Flash IDEのクラスをFlexでも扱えるようにするためのライブラリfl.* package.swfというものがあったので、それを使ってことなきを得ましたが、ActionScript3.0はMatrixをうまく使えないと困りますね。高校のときに数学3・Cやっといてよかった! WP-Tategaki α […]

thanks for your help!!!

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thanks for your help!!!

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thanks for your help


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