» Are you available for freelance work?
At the moment, I am available to take on freelance work. If you are interested in working with me, please use the contact page to fill out an inquiry and I’ll get in contact with you sometime shortly thereafter. Thanks for your interest.

» What books can you suggest for someone starting out?
If you’re starting out with ActionScript 3, I would highly suggest Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0. It takes the language pretty much from start to finish (without getting too involved in some of the crazier stuff) and is a perfect place to start. If you want to go a bit further, my favorite books are usually written by friends of ED and O’Reilly.

» What is your coding environment setup?
I normally program on a MacBook Pro 15″ laptop with a Dell 24″ widescreen monitor when I’m at home. I use the eclipse/FDT combination as it has increased my workflow tenfold since Sam Agesilas introduced me to it. I would highly recommend this environment to anyone but the down side is that it is not free. However, if you’re serious about development, it’s well worth spending the money to buy a license. You can grab some of my FDT templates and preferences from the downloads page.


Hi Matt,
I had visited your site and very interested to read your blog. For an example of a topic “[AS3] Event Responsive Menu “, I had a question that how can you assign the name and id for the buttons that you can control each button to call an action differently. For example, I want the button1 to play mc_1 and button2 paly mc_3… Would you show me how to do that?

A lot of thanks to your help.



Hey Lamdo,
If I understand correctly, you could do something like this: in Main.as, define an array with your movie clips in the order that they will be called by the buttons. So if you want button1 to play mc_1, and button2 to play mc_3, you'd do like so:

  1. var clips:Array = new Array(mc_1, mc_3);

Then, in the onMenuButtonClicked event handler, you'd add this after the if/else statement:

  1. clips[$evt.params.id].gotoAndPlay("whatever");

something along those lines. hope that helps.

matt, thank you for the blog, it has saved me on a couple occasions, but there's one thing I can't find with google searches: I want visitors to be able to download a pdf from my website by clicking a button. how do I do this in actionscript3?

All you would have to do is a getURL (as2) or a navigateToURL (as3) to the PDF link, nothing special.

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