Inspiration: UFC 100

I’m a bit late on this but the UFC 100 site by Red Interactive is very nicely done. Great use of PV3D.


It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted anything in almost two months. I’ve been super busy lately trying to wrap up some stuff and just have had no time. On the other end of the spectrum, the weather outside has been beautiful and I just haven’t been spending as much time in front of the computer during the “after hours”. Not gonna make any promises on when regular posting will resume, but I’ll try to fit some stuff in this week here or there.

Inspiration: Big & Small

I saw this on John Lindquist’s blog about Big & Small, a cartoon in the UK for which Plug-in Media made the site. The site is fantastic and all done in Papervision3D. There is tons of things to explore and its just very well done. You can see a bit about the project on Seb Lee-Delisle’s blog.

Tip: Calculating Correct FullScreen Values

So the project I’m currently working on includes all types of video players and one of the options (as is normal these days) is going to fullScreen mode. Normally you would use the Capabilities class to grab the screenResolutionX and screenResolutionY values in your code and react to it with whatever code you needed to (at least that was what I have historically done). I run a 24″ Dell widescreen monitor connected to my 15″ Macbook Pro. The Dell is my primary monitor and I use the MBP monitor as a secondary monitor for panels and such. When I go into fullScreen mode on my Dell (primary monitor), everything works fine. However, if I then go into fullScreen mode on my MBP by moving my browser over and testing that, the screen enlarges to the size it once was on my 24″ Dell. As you can see, this poses a big problem because you can’t see anything under a certain amount of pixels (in my case, half the video and my controls). But there is a very simple solution to this madness.

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Tip: Testing For NaN

I was working on a project today and I was getting NaN as a return value for a trace up until a certain point in time. I figured that a quick check in an if/else statement would solve my issue but I was wrong. Here I will outline what I initially did and the quick and easy fix for it.

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AS2/AS3: ThunderBolt

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel, I’ll just post what ThunderBolt is directly ripping the Google Code page:

ThunderBolt is a lightweight logger extension for ActionScript 2 and 3 applications using Firebug.

Basically, ThunderBolt is a way to trace stuff out to Firebug’s console (similar to FlashTracer). Pretty sweet!

ActionScript Error Repository

The ActionScript Error Repository is a neat little site that lets you search for AS errors based on their error codes. It’s a pretty handy little tool to see what error you are getting (sometimes they end up being pretty cryptic) and seeing what a possible solution may be. It’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Best Source Code Comments

This isn’t directly related to Flash but programming in general. Stack Overflow has a post about encountering the best comments in source code. These are pretty classic.

Want To Write For EVOLVE?

Have you ever wanted to contribute some knowledge/info to the community but didn’t want to bother with starting your own blog? You didn’t want to start from scratch and wanted an already established place to convey your ideas? Then this may be exactly what you are looking for. Read on for more info.

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Inspiration: Puma Lift

I’m a little late to the table with this one as well but Firstborn won its 40th FWA with the new Puma Lift site. The intro is pretty awesome (I know, it’s video, but still awesome) and as usual with FB’s sites its really well done and super fluid. Congrats on the FWA total.