AS2 → AS3: Using Mouse Events

Download Example Files Gone are the days of having to create objects to act as listeners for mouse events. The nasty, unruly way of AS2 has been replaced like everything else with the AS3 event model and writing mouse listeners is similar to everything else you’re now used to in AS3.

AS2 → AS3: Using Keyboard Events

Download Example Files Using the keys on your keyboard to interact with the Flash environment has changed from AS2 to AS3. While some of the AS3 code takes a couple of more lines than the AS2 stuff to get done, this is not the case with this example. The AS3 code is not only shorter […]

AS2/AS3: TweenGroup

View Blog Post Many of you know that when it comes to tweening I look no further than TweenLite/FilterLite/Max (usually TweenMax cuz I’m crazy like that). Jack has just released a new utility class called TweenGroup which goes hand in hand with his tweening engines to add some extra and awesome functionality.

AS2: GoogleAnalyticsUtils

View Documentation Download Class GoogleAnalyticsUtils is a utility class to easily track your clicks using Google Analytics. The class allows you to track in the old Urchin format or the new Event format as well as tracking with the old AS2 “javascript” calls or tracking with the new ExternalInterface API.

AS2/AS3: CustomEase

View Blog Post Jack Doyle, the maker of TweenLite/TweenFilterLite/TweenMax (and as I’m sure you already know if you read this blog, a good friend of mine) has done it once again. He’s created a class called CustomEase which allows you to create custom easing equations for usage in your tweening engines (although you should really […]

AS2 → AS3: Attaching Sounds From The Library

Download Example Files AS3 no longer has an attachSound() method in the Sound object so attaching sounds from the library is a little different. It’s actually more intuitive (as usual with AS3) because it acts just like attaching bitmaps and other objects out of the library.

Tip: Clearing A BitmapData’s Contents

I’ve been using BitmapData lately more and more (I know, I’m very late to the party) and something that I was curious in was how to clear it before I can draw to it again so that the previous frame’s contents are not in it. Particularly, I was wondering how I can very simply and […]

SharedObjectManager v1.1 Updates

Reader Stéphane e-mailed me last week with a problem he was having using the SharedObject in Flash. Basically, Stéphane wanted to save some data in one SWF file to a SharedObject and then retrieve that data in another SWF file. I had done this before many times but quickly realized that I had only done […]

Tip: Converting Strings To Booleans

If you’ve downloaded my Image Slider, you may have looked at the file and noticed that I was using a utility class to convert the loaded string values for things that are actually booleans from the XML. I was originally loading them and I couldn’t figure out why when I traced out what was […]

AS2 → AS3: Retrieving FlashVars

Download Example Files I was recently working on the Image Slider that I posted here a couple of days ago and I realized I didn’t know how to access FlashVars in AS3. I quickly did a Google search and came up with the solution rather easily.