AS3: ContactForm

View Example View Documentation Download Class & Example Files Creates a communication gateway between a contact form and a PHP script that checks for validity and sends the email. The e-mail checking is rudimentary at best, but it gets the job done. If someone will go through the trouble to try and break this e-mail […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu Extended

View Example Download Example Files Download Environment Download TweenLite Last time we looked at the Event Responsive Menu we made a menu system that responded to events based on what button was clicked. This was a working version but rather ugly/useless in the sense that we didn't add any actual functionality to it so now […]

AS3: Event Responsive Menu

View Example Download Example Files Normally when I build menus for my projects I usually end up having to keep track of which button is selected and disable it while clicking on another button will disable that one and re-enable the one previously selected. I could build that very quickly in AS2 but have yet […]