Tip: Tools To Document Your Code

I got an e-mail the other day from someone asking about what tools he can use to document his code. I had written a reply to him but I was using webmail and it froze up on me. I was able to, just in time, copy the reply over and saved it for later where […]

Adobe Flash CS4 & F1 Help Continued

So I previously posted about my hatred for the new help system inside of the CS4 products and begged for someone to find out how to get the old help panel back. While the following isn’t a complete solution to the issue, it is a lot better than having to go online all the damn […]

Adobe Flash CS4 & F1 Help

I recently installed Flash CS4 and for the most part I welcome and like the changes. One of the things I absolutely despise is the new help system. In CS3 you could press F1 and get the good ole help window where you could search for whatever you needed help on and it would be […]

AS3 Documentation Updates

As promised, I’ve updated all of the pertinent AS3 classes that I’ve written and posted here with their AS3 HTML documentations. It should be a little easier now to get an idea of what you can do with the class before downloading it. I apologize for not doing this sooner but as I posted yesterday […]

ZenDoc Documents AS3 Classes

For someone like me who is not very handy with Ant build files, the command line, ASDoc, and other crap of that nature, getting a nice HTML documentation together for your AS3 class files is a pain in the ass. I know running an Ant build would be much smoother for this kind of thing […]