So as you’ve probably noticed by now, I’ve added Google AdSense to the blog. I figured that not everyone can make a monetary donation so this was a good alternative. It should only display 3 ads per page so it won’t get too cluttered and I opted for the smaller 468×60 ads. If you’d like […]

Donors Page Added

I went ahead and added a Donors page for the donations that were made to the site recently. I’d like to thank my first two donors, Rick Talavera and Jack Doyle, for helping the cause. It is greatly appreciated. You will notice that once you donate you get a nice little link to your site […]

Sidebar Updates

You’ve probably noticed by now that I added a new FeedBurner feed to the sidebar along with an add to Technorati favorites link. I also added a PayPal donation button. Let me explain here: The site, obviously, doesn’t require you to send me anything. I enjoy posting up source and seeing people get better. There […]