Setting Up Papervision3D in Eclipse/FDT3

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and start playing around a bit with Papervision3D. I’ve seen too many cool things coming out of that camp and I wanted to get my hands down and dirty and experimenting with the possibilities to move my work forward. I use Eclipse/FDT3 on a Mac so getting up […]

Setting Up Eclipse & FDT3

There are some things that I want to write about on this blog that I feel like I can’t do as of yet because some of them are geared more towards Eclipse/FDT3 users or at least the way I use those tools. That being said, I figured I should give a rundown of how I […]

Updated fl.* Package .swc

A comment in the post about the fl.* package .swc written by Dimitriy outlined that the package was missing the package in it. I did a quick test and it indeed was missing (not sure how I missed that before) so I went ahead and did a quick search for the video package and […]

Tip: Saving Eclipse/FDT Preferences

I usually make a new workspace for every project that I create in Eclipse/FDT and I have to save out my preferences (as you can see on the downloads page) because every time you create a new workspace it resets the preferences to the default. When I originally wanted to do this I found that […]

fl.* Package .swc

Last night I was working on something in Eclipse/FDT 3 where I needed to use the fl.transitions package. I proceeded to import it and got an error saying that the fl.* package could not be found. After some investigation I realized that I needed an .swc file for the fl.* package but I don’t have […]

Automatically Declare Stage Instances

I was doing some work today in Eclipse/FDT 3 and I kept running into something that I wasn't expecting. In FDT 1.5 I would normally create a movie clip symbol in the Flash IDE and maybe have more clips inside of it, like say a bg_mc and a title_txt. Then, in FDT, I would define […]