Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash

While I’ve previously made posts about tracking using Google Analytics in your Flash projects as well as a utility class to do that as well, both of those things were AS2 (even though they are easily ported over to AS3). Now it appears that there is an AS3 API for this that doesn’t even require […]

AS2: GoogleAnalyticsUtils

View Documentation Download Class GoogleAnalyticsUtils is a utility class to easily track your clicks using Google Analytics. The class allows you to track in the old Urchin format or the new Event format as well as tracking with the old AS2 “javascript” calls or tracking with the new ExternalInterface API.

Using Google Analytics In Your Flash Projects

Download Example Files Many times people think that you lose tracking ability in your projects if you use Flash. Of course you can set up multiple SWFs and host them on separate HTML pages on your site, but why bother? You can use Google Analytics to track your button clicks and report to you what […]