Inspiration: Big & Small

I saw this on John Lindquist’s blog about Big & Small, a cartoon in the UK for which Plug-in Media made the site. The site is fantastic and all done in Papervision3D. There is tons of things to explore and its just very well done. You can see a bit about the project on Seb […]

Inspiration: Soft

Soft is a company from Sweden that has some really nice work. Their site is very nice (done in PV3D) and fluid. I especially like the portfolio sections where videos are present. It shows a little video control bar when you play and its fully blended in with all the PV3D motion. Very nice.

Inspiration: ThoughtPile

Herman Miller, the popular (and very expensive) chair maker has a new site where you can post up your thoughts called ThoughtPile. People can then comment on them or mark them positive or negative. Cool idea, but the way it is done is really nice. Sweet, fluid movement. It was done by Freedom + Partners […]

Inspiration: Martini Asti

Ars Thanea is always doing great work, and the Martini Asti site they did for Bacardi Poland is no exception. As usual, since they are a Polish company, the site is in Polish but you can still use it effectively without knowing what it means. I like the little subtle use of Papervision3D to do […]

Inspiration: Karim Charlebois-Zariffa

The portfolio site of Karim Charlebois-Zariffa is not new but when I originally saw it I didn’t have a category for inspiration on the blog. I ran across it again today and figured I’d post it here. Very simple site but well done. Nice Papervision work on the transitions.

An Update

I realize it has been just over two weeks since I’ve posted anything here so I figured I’d let everyone know why. Directly after finishing up the project that I referred to in a couple of my other posts I jumped into another one using Papervision3D. It hasn’t been easy for me since I am […]

AS3: Papervision3D FreeCamera Movement

View Example Get Papervision3D [Tutorial] Get TweenMax Download Source One of the things that I was curious about when using Papervision3D was how the camera moves around and tracks other objects. Originally I set up a Camera3D object and moved it around to look at other objects but that wasn’t playing well with the way […]

AS3: DistortionTweener Done Easier In Papervision3D

View Example Get Papervision3D [Tutorial] Get TweenMax Download Source Well, the first thing I have done in Papervision3D is a replica of what I essentially did with the DistortionTweener (or actually the reason I made the DistortionTweener). It is much easier to do and takes a lot less to do (the original DistortionTweener, with research, […]

Papervision3D FDT3 Template

After writing about Eclipse/FDT3/Papervision3D and my heavy usage of templates to speed up my workflow, the natural thing to do was to create a Papervision3D template to use in conjunction with FDT3. You can grab the template from the Downloads page at any time (if I update it in the future, the newest version will […]

Setting Up Papervision3D in Eclipse/FDT3

I’ve recently decided to take the plunge and start playing around a bit with Papervision3D. I’ve seen too many cool things coming out of that camp and I wanted to get my hands down and dirty and experimenting with the possibilities to move my work forward. I use Eclipse/FDT3 on a Mac so getting up […]